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Distance Learning

NEW! MUSEUM-SCHOOL CONNECTIONS – Visit the National Museum of African Art without leaving your classroom!
CatlinMagnetOmahaJan2013aExperience an innovative way to visit the museum without leaving your classroom! Using videoconferencing technology, elementary through high school students can enjoy an interactive program designed to cover core curriculum requirements.

To learn more and schedule a tour, visit the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) and click on Content Provider Programs. The National Museum of African Art is listed in the drop down menu. To schedule a videoconference, you must join CILC. Tour descriptions and pre- and post-lessons are available on the CILC website. For more information about the program, email Deborah Stokes.
Tips for a Successful Videoconference

  • Check with your school technology coordinator to ensure your school has compatible videoconferencing equipment.
  • At least four weeks before your preferred date, fill out the schedule form on-line with the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. All request forms will be routed directly to the Curator of Education, Deborah Stokes, and she will contact you to confirm the time/date and set up a test call. You will be able to discuss customizing the content of the program to your classroom needs.
  • Exchange IP addresses and phone numbers for test call and day of program.
  • Complete a successful test call at the agreed time.
  • At least two weeks prior to your program date, identify a space where all your students will be able to sit comfortably within your camera’s view, see a projected PowerPoint, and hear the video-conference presenter.
  • Review pre-visit materials sent to you with your students.
  • Encourage students to write down questions for the presenter elicited by the pre-visit activities and/or classroom content. Student interaction always welcome!

Teacher Testimonial:

“It always helps the students learn when they have a different voice teaching them. The interactivity of this program (African Cosmos: Stellar Arts) kept them totally attentive … The program corresponded perfectly with what our 6th grade is studying. I was so happy to find this program and the fact that it was free made it possible to happen. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, valuable program!”

Pennwood Middle School, Pennsylvania