Object Names describe types of artworks within each Classification.

Architectural Element: Door, Veranda post

Book and Manuscript: Artist Book, Koran writing board, Amulet

Container: Basket, Bottle, Bowl, Box, Container, Cup, Jar, Pitcher, Pot, Snuff container, Vessel

Costume Accessory: Anklet, Belt, Bracelet, Cane, Crown, Earring, Fly whisk, Hat, Necklace, Pendant, Ring, Wig

Costume and Textile: Apron, Blanket, Cape, Flag, Mat, Cloth, Shirt, Skirt, Tunic, Wall hanging, Wrapper

Drawing and Collage: Drawing, Collage

Exchange Media: Currency, Ingot, Kissi penny, Manilla, Katanga cross

Furniture and Furnishing: Bed, Chair, Headrest, Stool

Mask: Crest mask, Face mask, Fiber mask, Headdress, Helmet mask, Mask Costume, Maskette

Multimedia: Film, CD-Rom, DVD

Musical Instrument: Bell, Drum, Flute, Gong, Harp, Whistle

Painting: Icon, Painting, Watercolor

Photograph: Photograph

Print: Digital print, Etching, Lithograph, Mezzotint, Print

Sculpture: Altar, Assemblage, Cross, Divination bowl, Figure(s), Head, Plaque, Sculpture (Modern & Contemporary), Staff, Tusk

Tool and Equipment: Adze, Comb, Heddle pulley, Lock, Key, Snuff mortar, Spoon, Stopper, Pipe, Weight

Toy and Entertainment: Doll, Gameboard, Toy truck

Weapon and Armament: Knife, Dagger, Scabbard, Shield, Sword