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Garth Erasmus

Date: born 1956, South Africa
Garth Erasmus was born on 12 April 1956 in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. Erasmus was raised in Port Elizabeth and from an early age expressed an interest in art. He matriculated in 1974 at Paterson High School in Port Elizabeth and attended a teachers training program at Hewat Training College in Cape Town. He received a set of oil paints as a 21st birthday gift — this prompted him to begin painting seriously. Erasmus worked on his art independently until 1978, when he entered the Diploma Art Programme at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. In 1980, when he completed the course, he moved to Cape Town. In 1982 he helped found Vakalisa Arts Associates in the Cape, a community based group of artists. In 1985 he attended the Triangle Artists Workshop, sponsored by USSALEP/FUBA in New York. In 1985 and 1987 he participated in the Thupelo Workshops held in Johannesburg, and the following year, his work reached the South African mainstream in the exhibition Neglected Tradition: Towards a New History of South African Art (1930-1988) at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. Erasmus teaches art in Cape Town.

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