Q: Why does the earth matter to you as an artist?

Ghada: The earth matters because it is our home. The earth matters to me as a human being not as an artist.
Reza: Because the earth offers me material, subject and inspiration all that I need to make art.

Q: In what ways do you and your community act as agents of environmental change and what role do you play in sustainability of the environment?

Ghada: I do not think I am playing any active role. I am trying to limit the waste, trying not to waste too much water, too much energy and recycling. But I inherited this concern from Egypt where people do not waste not because of the love of the earth but rather because of poverty.
Reza: I act as an agent of environmental change when I consume more than what I need. I do not have any role in the artist community. My role in sustainability of the environment, if any, is to avoid and limit the waste as much as I can.