Q: Why does the earth matter to you as an artist?

A: I was born into this planet, it was here before I arrived and hopefully it will still be here after I have left. I know my remains will be a little particle that will be part of this planet. I cannot disassociate myself from the environment I live in because I am part of it in every sense, from the air I breathe to the food I eat. As an artist I try to make sense of the flux and structure in this world we live in.

Q: In what ways do you hope that your work in "strategies of the surface" will change perceptions of the world around us?

A: The changing of perceptions can start happening when a work provokes questions and when one asks these questions there could be a possible change of a point of view or a way of looking at the world.

There is a distance when one is looking or reading a map because it is only a tool that is meant to be used for orientation, education, war, resources identification, demarcation of territories, etc.

The sculpture "Limits of Mapping", 2010 draws our attention to the limitation of the map in relation to the multiple layers and complexity that exist in regions and its societies. By having sharp rods penetrating the map and the other end pointing towards the viewer, one becomes aware of their presence in relation to the object they look at and the space they are in.

With my work, going beyond the map and getting the viewer alert and aware of his or her immediate space can be a starting point for a shift of his or her perception of the world.