The Earth was made as a dwelling place for all creatures, which also includes man.

Of all creatures dwelling therein, Man is the destroyer when he was otherwise crowned with sovereignty.

This arrogant attitude of over self worth has made him a plunderer than a builder.

Humankind are the only creature that has set rules apart for themselves and refuses to conform to laws that guides creations movement and velocity.

Man is the only creature that is out of tune with the eco-system, plagued with a one sided narrow intellectual outlook...

What is sensed and termed as catastrophes globally today, are but a retroactive consequence of a mis-alignment of the forces of nature; Mankind so to speak, has dug its own grave.

This period of recompense will be affected globally in every facet of human endeavors, not only environmentally or climatically. But will reflect in socio-political affairs which can be surmised in the upheavals that are perennial occurrences today.

Man has been living in an exclusively selfish mentality, devoid of the understanding of the powers which he uses daily. Ignoring her principles and adjusting thereby. Economic affairs are collapsing; nations are in conflicts, and uprising everywhere.

This are the visible reverse processes, as the earth has to automatically put itself back into order, by eliminating the inferior, be it man or animals, landscapes and mountains, rivers and ocean, man against man, nations against nations, economic shifts and the rest of them, this are manifestations of the activities of the Lords of the elements, which man sees as cruelty of nature.

Even in routine designs, we know there is a designer with intents and purpose in his design; how much more for an automatic mechanism like the Earth with an inbuilt regulatory system. Mankind can only learn by compulsion to adapt.

The experiences in my environment are without doubt a continuation of same negligence, of an over esteemed self worth, than concerns for our immediate visible environment.

The level of unconsciousness is alarming, as the understanding of the existence is the constant struggle to provide for family needs. As against a knowing concern of the urgent situation, coupled with terrible superstitions that ironically promote filth are of paramount the order of things.

My concern comes from the simple understanding that we are all part of the eco-system, and it is of duty to maintain a healthy and natural environment.

My work as a photographer is to use the medium as a tool to highlights this observations and neglect, this state of inertia among the people. A reawakening to consciousness of the need to be more pro-active on issues that concerns us as humans.

This has met with stiffed oppositions and threats, as the effort is perceived with suspicion and as an ethnic threat and infiltration, which seeks to subjugate a particular race.

That liberal spirit which seeks to elevate the environment is seen as an irksome intruder, and should be silenced. The work of the photographer of this generation becomes increasingly perilous as understanding narrows.

All across the streets one cannot help but notice the indiscriminate dumping of refuses, and the careless abandoned disposing of polyurethane non degradable materials, which clogs the pores of the soil, blocks water channels. A menace which threatens soil condition brings about floods and low water quality.

My work speaks metaphorically, as I tend to perceive the images in a sort of tragic- comic innuendos, which if deduced on surface perception will not reveal much, unless penetrated. I work as an artist not in a stark documentation of the assaulted environment, but a deduction which exposes without being offensive or derogatory in presentation. Yet this does not stop the attacks; as it is popularly known that; what is not understood is always attacked.

The fight for a re-adjustment to the natural order of things is a constant shift in the consciousness of mankind, as this period is declared a compelling obedience, which does not relent to the wills of man, but of a final culmination called purification. More is yet to come that will silenced man, until he learns the true principles of adaptation.

In my immediate environment, I act more in the sense of an activist for a cause. My pronouncement and daring photography has marked me out as a crusader of sort, and sometimes fought. But these are issues of intolerance which affects all regions, although it could be more heightened and perceived in some areas.

As an artist I stand on my duty posts armed with my camera to perceive, deduced and freeze the moments through imagery.