Jacob Afolabi

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Jacob Afolabi (b. 1940) was born in Ikirin, Nigeria. A member of Duro Ladipo's theater troupe in the 1960s, he later supervised the Mbari Mbayo Club Gallery. The oldest of the Oshogbo workshop artists, Afolabi emerged from Denis Williams' 1962 workshop as the outstanding student. He continued to develop as an artist, attending Georgina Beier's workshops beginning in 1963. Today he is employed at the Institute of African Studies Museum, Obafemi Awolowo University, in Oshogbo.

Afolabi's prints are evidence of his bold and dynamic handling of line. Whether the themes of his works are taken from traditional African life or Christianity, Afolabi controls the growth and rhythm of his lines to create fluid, organic compositions in which the figures both mass together as a unit and stand out as individual elements.

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