This curriculum resource unit is designed to accompany the exhibition African Cosmos: Stellar Arts. The lesson plans are organized by grade--pre-K-K, 1-4, and 5-8--around the themes of the exhibition. Topics include celestial symbols, earth-sky connections, constellations, cultural stories, and cosmic models that can be used in cross-disciplinary units in science, astronomy, social studies, math, and history.

Suggested reading lists and additional resources are included.

Astronomic Arts, Pre-K, K PDF, 58 mbs.
Astronomic Arts, Grades 1-4 PDF, 20 mbs.
Astronomic Arts, Grades 5-8 PDF, 22 mbs.

Images for Pre-K, K PDF 8 mbs.
Images for Grades 1-4 PDF 3 mbs.
Images for Grades 5-8 PDF 39 mbs.