Who are the Tuareg? The Art of Being Tuareg An Inadan Family Early Contact, Early Collecting Art in an Environment of Contrasts The Sahara Tuareg is a Globalized Marketplace
Tuareg art exists in an environment defined by contrasts. The close, elaborately decorated tent interiors open up to vast landscapes. Light and shade echo the high daytime temperatures that yield to cold nights. Music, dance, poetry and intimate conversations occur in sharp and poignant
relief against the immense silence and solitude of the Sahara.<br>
The artful presentation of self through dress, adornment and movement affirms Tuareg standards of beauty. Poise, harmony and balancečimportant parameters in the Tuareg worldviewčare consistently emphasized. The aesthetic dimensions of Tuareg visual arts, oral traditions and music are meant to soften the challenges of the harsh and unpredictable environment. Through their artistry, the Tuareg convey pride in their history, a deep attachment to their cultural identity and respect for their lifestyle.

Hamidan Oumba making tea

Fiddle and bow


Bag for teapot