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This gallery evokes a contemporary boutique in which objects produced orinspired by the Tuareg might be sold. Over the past two decades, Tuareg works of art have become increasingly available in shops, through mail-order catalogs and on the Internet. The Tuareg aesthetic has inspired new perfumes, fashions and jewelry that are available in French, African and American designer showrooms and boutiques. While Tuareg artists today continue to produce classical silver jewelry, fashionable gold pieces and weapons for Tuareg patrons, they also accept commissions from tourists, merchants and designers from Europe and the United States as well as members of expatriate communities who have come to live in Saharan Africa. To accommodate this wider and more varied market, material choices and design vocabularies have expanded. Artists have recognized the importance of branding for sales outside their home countries, and so many works now bear the artist's signature as a mark of authenticity. In some instances, Tuareg jewelry has also been copied and manufactured in Europe and Asia by non-Tuareg artists who adapt the distinctive Tuareg style for new global markets and far-reaching clienteles, capitalizing on its appeal to create profitable products.

Scarves with Tuareg motifs


Red Handbag (tissikit)
Blue handbag (kourboubou)
Cup (tiffinjart)
Belt and buckle
Bracelet (iwill)
Necklace (houmsissa)

Necklace and pendant