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Warren M. Robbins Library

Warren M. Robbins Library

Warren M. Robbins Library

The Warren M. Robbins Library at the National Museum of African Art, founded in 1971, is the major resource center in the United States for the research and study of the visual arts of Africa. Its collection of more than 32,000 volumes covers all aspects of African visual arts, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, pottery, textiles, crafts, popular culture, photography, architecture, rock art, and archaeology. The African Art Library has significant supporting collections of African ethnography, musicology, performing arts, theater, cinema, oral traditions, religion, creative writing, and arts in the African Diaspora as well as general information on the history of African countries. The African Art Library has extensive files on contemporary African artists and on topics relating to African art, culture and history. It also has small collections of videos, posters, and maps.

Support the Library

You can support the library, and the research done in the National Museum of African Art, by donating online or by helping us acquire publications through our Amazon Wish List. Thank You!

Apply for the Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Award

The Smithsonian Libraries invites teachers and educators to apply for a Travel to Collections award for 2015 at the Warren M. Robbins Library at the National Museum of African Art. The Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Award supports research visits up the three months for middle school, high school, and college teachers as well as museum educators. Applications for 2015 are due October 31, 2014.

The Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Awards allow mid-career educators to be in residence and utilize the Smithsonian Libraries distinctive collections, focusing on science, history, culture and arts. The awards are open to middle & high school teachers, college teachers, and museum educators working on curriculum development or publications in print or electronic form.

In 2015, recipients will be awarded a short-term residency at the Warren M. Robbins Library at the National Museum of African Art. They will be offered an opportunity to conduct research in the arts of Africa and related fields of African culture and history. The Library offers excellent resources for developing curricula relating to Common Core, Core Arts Standards, and Advance Placement curricula.

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Volunteer & Intern Opportunities

The African Art Library offers opportunities to volunteer for a few hours a week. Training is provided. Internships for college students in library science, African art history, and museum studies are also available. To inquire about volunteering and internships, call (202) 633-4681.


National Museum of African Art, Room 2138

950 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C.

Telephone: 202.633-4680
Fax: (202) 357-4879

Postal Address

Warren M. Robbins Library
National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution
MRC 708 P.O. Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012


Hours of Operation

8:45 a.m.–5:15 p.m.
Open to the public by appointment. Call: 202.633.4680

Contact and Staff Information

Janet Stanley, Librarian
Telephone: 202.633.4681

Karen Brown, Library Assistant
Telephone: 202.633.4682