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Corporate Engagement

Dream big. Help others dream big. Give to the arts.

Socially Responsible Values

Include us as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

You value diversity.

At the museum, our mission is to inspire conversations about the beauty, power, and diversity of Africa’s arts and cultures worldwide. We were founded in 1964 on the principle that African art can encourage cross-cultural communication. Exhibitions and education programs show people of all ages the diversity of our shared world.

You believe in creativity as a powerful source for innovation.

Creativity enriches our lives, exercises our brains, and connects us all. That enrichment begins at birth and is fostered throughout life. You and your corporate colleagues rely on creativity to innovate, communicate, and make business better. Our visitors—your peers—engage with us to exercise their creativity, feel inspired, and change the world.

You know great education comes in a variety of packages.

Museums create powerful, memorable learning experiences for students. The arts help students think creatively and critically. You and your colleagues appreciate the value of inspiring kids, showing them what Africa has to offer the world, and helping them to achieve success.

Corporate Engagement Strategies

Be a leader in the Corporate Social Responsibility field and learn to use partnership opportunities as a way to promote, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on the community.

  • Sponsor an exhibition or education program to show your brand has values.
  • Donate because you believe in our mission.
  • Tour the museum to see how the arts energize and motivate you to innovate.
  • Host your private events at our museum.
  • Connect with us to gain a stronger relationship with the Smithsonian Institution.

Corporate Giving Benefits

The benefits of corporate giving are strategic. Contact us today to customize your benefits package.

  • Visibility. Public acknowledgment of your contributions to the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.
  • Access. Invitations to exclusive events and opportunities to engage with specific audiences.
  • Tax savings. Tax-deductible contributions help you save on your bottom line.