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Burning Desire To Be Touched

On July 18th Mwangi Hutter premiered Burning Desire To Be Touched, a work commissioned by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. This performance art piece by Mwangi Hutter, an artist collective featured in the exhibition The Divine Comedy, examines our profound desire for harmonious relationships.

It was presented in conjunction with the exhibition The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell Revisited by Contemporary African Artists.

NMAfA Director Johnnetta B. Cole on “Why I Kept Open an Exhibit Featuring Art Owned by Bill Cosby.”

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole

NMAfA Director Cole wrote a piece for the online publication The Root which we share for our visitors. Although personally devastated by the collapse of the comedian’s public persona, the director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art says that even in times of controversy, art must be allowed to speak for itself.

Her entire piece is available here.